Owner's and Renter's Guide

An Owner’s and Renter’s Guide to Bustins Island is an attempt to put on paper information that everyone should know about Bustins and summer life here. The guide was initially proposed by the Cottagers’ Association of Bustins Island (CABI) and has been supported by both the CABI and the Bustins Island Village Corporation (BIVC), but is an independent effort by the authors. It was planned as a sort of “welcome wagon” for new owners and renters, but as it evolved we felt it could be useful to have a copy in every cottage, not only for new owners and renters, but also for existing owners, their family members, and their visitors. Think of this guide as the helpful loose-leaf binder you find in your hotel room – you rarely read it, but pick it up when you want to dial room service or find out where the gym is located. The authors welcome your comments, additions, and/or corrections. While the guide may or may not be reprinted in the future, we do plan to post occasional updates on the BIVC website (www.bivc.net); send comments to the webmaster (bivc.webmaster@gmail.com) and put “Owners Guide” in the subject line.

[NOTE: This Guide was written in 2011. A number of things have changed since then. Nonetheless, there is much importantant information included. An update to this Guide is in development.]

    Table of Contents
Chapter   1 - Island Buildings and Resources
Chapter   2 - Island Vehicles
Chapter   3 - Public Transportation
Chapter   4 - Public Safety
Chapter   5 - Island Recreation and Entertainment
Chapter   6 - Utilities
Chapter   7 - Bylaws and Policy Summaries
Chapter   8 - Communications
Chapter   9 - Publications
Chapter 10 - Organizations
Chapter 11 - Making Contributions
Chapter 12 - Hosting Weddings and Other Occasions
Chapter 13 - Private Services
Chapter 14 - Renting Your Cottage

    Complete Document - (53 pages)